QRZ Logbook

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Drones and Storms

I've been struggling to find places to fly my drone, so sometimes I just take it to my cul-de-sac and just throw it up and let it hover while things occur, such as 4th of July Fireworks, a recent Recycling plant fire, and this one of storms that were in the area. 

During a break in the rain I sent it up about 150'-200' and let it take some shots of lightning at night, and I got a few cool shots.

Last 4th of July, I took it up for some fireworks shots. It's amazing how many people were shooting off fireworks. Those aren't fireflies!

On May 1st there was a fire at Ft. Loudon Recycling facility in Knoxville. I sent up the drone to get some shots and captured a thunderstorm as it approached the fire.

I'm hoping to be able to fly in other areas but it may be easier to ask for forgiveness rather than permission. Can't fly in State or National Parks, so that rules that idea out as well...