QRZ Logbook

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hams in Cinema

I just got back from watching the movie "The Big Year" starring Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson. The trio star as competing bird watchers trying to get the title of most birds seen in a single year.

But naturally, one scene got my attention. There was a scene where they were visiting Attu Island in Alaska. There was a lady operating the radio station/intercom and on a panel to the side of the desk in the background was two QSL cards. One was callsign VK2DG, which I recognized as an Australian callsign, having once worked a VK2 call from outside of Sydney as my first Aussie contact all those years ago.

I had to look it up once I got home and sure enough it was legit.

There was a second QSL card in the shot but I could not get it in time to see what the call was. They showed the cards in a later shot but the other card was obscured by the desk mic. I want to say it was CH6??? but I may be completely off. ITU has that as a Canadian prefix. If anyone else saw the movie (or plans to see it) please let me know.

It's a very entertaining movie, and I highly recommend going to see it, especially if you're a fan of these actors.