QRZ Logbook

Friday, December 2, 2016

Has it been a year already?

Sometimes it's easier to SAY you're going to update your blog than it is to actually UPDATE your blog...

A lot has happened since I last posted. Most of it in the last 5 days. Here's the ham radio side of things:

Because of a drought, the city of Gatlinburg suffered major wildfire damage last Monday and citizens and business owners/employees have yet to be allowed back in. As of now, 10 people have died and several are still missing.

You can listen to a portion of the net I helped call here:

The following night, an EF-2 tornado hit McMinn County and did damage to several buildings. 2 fatalities were reported and several were injured.

I called nets on both of these nights. Already riding on very little sleep following the disastrous Chimney Tops 2 fire, I called the SKYWARN net that was needed for several severe storms that hit the region the night after the Gatlinburg Firestorm. We tried a few new concepts and they seem to be working out well.

In other news, I've revamped the East Tennessee SKYWARN site and We've rebooted This Week in Amateur Radio.

And in yet more SKYWARN news, it's that time again for SKYWARN Recognition Day this weekend. It runs from 7PM ET Friday to 7PM ET Saturday (0000z-2400z).

I've been running full steam this whole week, so I'm pretty drained. I promise to elaborate on all of this at a later time this weekend.

On a personal front, I left my previous job of 13 years and have taken on a new job at Scripps Networks Interactive. I've been blessed with an amazing career opportunity and so far, I am (hopefully) making the best of my new career.

Again, not much time to devote for now, but I will update this weekend. Hopefully I will have some time to devote to this on a regular basis.