QRZ Logbook

Monday, September 10, 2012

Nothing much going on

Just wanted to drop a quick post to keep things busy around here.

Not much happening on the amateur radio front these days. There was the Tennessee QSO Party last weekend but I didn't participate, which sucks because I like that event. It used to be the weekend of my wedding anniversary, but a certain someone wasn't enthused about me participating on that particular weekend. Now that it's earlier in the month I can enjoy it. I sent an email to some friends asking if they wanted to get something together (last second deal) and never even got a reply from any of them...I'll take that as a "no"......

The next big event (for me at least) will be SKYWARN Recognition Day in December.

Even SKYWARN has been rather lackluster. I called a net SKYWARN training net on a Sunday in July and after 5 minutes of talking and going through the preamble and announcements, not a single check-in came back. Since check-ins were getting thin the last few weeks, we ditched the training net.

On another note, yesterday I took the family up to the mountains for a picnic and on our way up I saw a car with the ham tag "VE6EV". I recognized it as a Canadian callsign. It said it was a ham tag (Tennessee's have "EMERGENCY" on them) but when I looked at his call on QRZ he's listed with a Canadian address. I dunno, maybe he has a winter home here in the US. I'll look for him on the local repeaters.