QRZ Logbook

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A movie short about Radio Hams, circa 1939

Taken from the description on Youtube:

This little vintage film, a rather more serious film than many of Pete Smith's other presentations, takes a look at how ham radios can become priceless aids during emergencies. The two stories shown, one dealing with the sudden illness of noted movie Cameraman Clyde de Vinna (W6OJ), the other with a missing plane where the ham operator (Wilbur Crane, unknown callsign) and the pilot of the search craft ended up getting killed after running out of fuel searching for another missing plane over the Atlantic, are bookended by a humorous look at a typical three-generation family's fascination with their ham radio. 

BTW: Are they tapping out "BS" in Morse Code at the 33-seconds mark?