QRZ Logbook

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wayne Green, W2NSD "Never Say Die" is now dead

I just found out Wayne Green passed away recently. He was 91 years of age. You may recall I posted about an "exchange" we had a while back about his old magazine, 73. It didn't go very well and my naivete had a bit to do with that.

While I admitted I was never fond of him, I will admit he was a character. He was a guest on Art Bell's old syndicated overnight radio show "Coast to Coast" (now hosted by George Noory) before Bell "retired" and recently popped up on SiriusXM with a new show starting last week called "Dark Matter". He did have a knack for keeping ahead of the curve on computers and packet radio and the age-old philosophy of building your equipment from the ground up. He also had some outrageous opinions about the paranormal and supernatural, and about technologies that are currently in the realm of science fiction, but moving closer to science fact.

He was a visionary, to say the least.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

CB is now ham radio?

Velveeta made a commercial for their Shells N' Cheese product and it features "that guy that's got a ham radio in his basement", except the radios it features are CB radios! See for yourself:

At the end of the 15-second spot there's a radio to the lower left that looks like a Yaesu / Vertex radio (maybe an 857-D) but it's too obscure and out of focus to be sure.

Nevertheless, it's nice to see the radio hobby/art/pasttime get a bit of publicity, even if it is 11 meters...

And the record, I had my fill of Mac and Cheese growing up, and I'll be damned if I eat another bowl of it. My kids on the other hand...