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Monday, August 19, 2013

What a bargain!

If you act now, you can get your hands on this lovely Gonset GSB-201 linear amp on eBay.

It's clean, looks pretty much to be in working order. It comes from the estate of a ham, so the seller themselves have never used it personally. It has been powered on and the tubes work...or at least they light up. Typical output power can range from ~400W to 1500W depending on mode and the condition of the tubes (according to an article on eHam). 

And it can ALL be yours...for the bargain basement price of...drumroll please...$28,999.99!!! 

But wait! There's more!


Now hooooold the phone there, you crazy spendthrifts. Let's not rush through this too quick! Let's see what  $29k (minus a penny) could get you:
I'm not sure what medication this guy is on, but it must be awful good. The only answer he gives to all the questions posed are given the same answer. But then again, all of the questions are roughly the same: "Are you nuts?".

If someone actually pays $29k for this, perhaps he's not the crazy one after all.

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