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Friday, December 2, 2011

Medical devices get FCC approval for 400 MHz

Medical devices designed to help paralyzed patients move won U.S. regulators’ approval to use a block of radio spectrum for transmitting wireless signals to incapacitated limbs.
The Federal Communications Commission adopted rules that give access needed by so-called advanced microstimulator devices that use implanted electrodes to stimulate muscles with the help of a wireless controller worn outside the body.
While the devices may be a medical breakthrough, using spectrum that amateur radio has (on a secondary basis) ranging from 413-457 MHz (amateur radio uses 420-450MHz) puts at risk the use that amateur radio employs for public safety and service on the 70cm band. Besides, there is plenty of spectrum available for these devices. Since UPS isn't using the spectrum they asked for from 220-222MHz, why not give it to these devices?

The ARRL has more detailed info, which you can read here.

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