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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Leo Laporte to get his ham license?

According to some friends of mine on Twitter, Leo Laporte is shooting for his ham ticket. He told Bob Heil during the HamNation broadcast on Tuesday.

Leo has often reported on ham radio news and when TWIAR was active we featured Leo's TWiT segments on the podcast.

I've always liked Leo since the days of ZDTV and the Screen Savers. Back then, that was the place to go for real geek news.

Hopefully he'll be active on the radio and not just have it for a resume enhancement.


  1. Leo is building out a ham shack in the TWiT studio, from what I understand, so I doubt this is just a resume enhancer.

    Jason NT7S

  2. Good twit.tv episode this evening!! Especially nice to see my buddy George Thomas join the group for "Solder Smoke".

    Eddie N4EMP... @Ham_Nut

  3. Leo, with Bob's and ICOM's help. will be building a complete ham station at the Studio. He has talked about it on his other netcats as well. He has said the station will be open to any ham that visits the studio, and has even talked about having QSL cards for visiting operators

    Jeff N9WEB