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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wisconsin ham allegedly murdered by wife of employee he planned to dismiss

John Aegerter, WA9GAR, who ran a communications business in Brookfield, WI, was found brutally murdered June 22.

One of the suspects, Lynn M. Hajny, is the wife of a fellow ham (Albert, WB9LIV) who was reportedly going to lose his job at the business (Air Page, Corp) due to cutbacks. Albert is not a suspect in the slaying as he was unaware of his impending unemployment.

Hajny and a boyfriend, Tommy V. Douyette are charged in the attack.

According to the article:
Aegerter was found face down in the garage, his ankles and neck bound with electrical cords, his face duct-taped and several plastic grocery bags over his head, the reports said. Waukesha County Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Lough said he had broken ribs, a broken nose and "there might have been a knife involved."
Acoording to reports, both suspects have given statements basically confessing to the crime.
He reportedly did not marry or have any kids.

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