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Friday, April 8, 2011

Fireball crosses the Tennessee skies Wednesday

Last Wednesday, while talking to my Stepmom on the phone, I saw a meteor streak across the sky off to the West, going from South to North. It was slow moving, not like your typical skimmers and streakers that go across the sky. I actually thought it was space junk re-entering.

According to Spaceweather.com, it looks like that meteor may have actually landed!

I guessed that it might have either burned up or landed around the Jamestown/Crossville area, or north of there. Due to partial cloud cover it disappeared behind the clouds before I could determine if it was disintegrated or if it continued on to the north.

Judging by some reports coming in, it may have continued on towards Louisville, KY (I was in Cave City last summer) or somewhere around the TN/KY border in that area.

If you saw it, submit your report to the American Meteor Society web site's online form.

I wonder if this means that the Meteorite Men are on their way to the area?

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