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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tough times for towers

They say things happen in threes, and tower fights are no exception.

Within a week, 3 articles appear online about homeowners fighting neighbors over towers in their backyards:

  • In Maryland, residents in Severna Park are up in arms over construction of an 80' tower despite owner Richard Hambly (W2GPS) obtaining all the necessary permits for the tower. Hambly, who designs GPS hardware and is a consultant on Satellite projects (someone who's quite familiar with radio interference issues) is facing complaints that neighbors have about the tower affecting property value and aesthetics and one complained that neighbors were not consulted beforehand. I didn't know hams needed their neighbors' blessings before putting up towers...

    An appeal to rescind his permit was on February 9th.
  • In New York City, residents are complaining that a 30' tower was constructed illegally and is obstructing their view (as if there's much to see in NYC other than more buildings, judging by the slideshow).

    Paul Isaacs, W2JGQ contends it was constructed legally but the city apparently revoked the permit.

    Citing a work order stoppage, residents are demanding the tower be removed permanently.
  • And out in Arizona, Lee Winsor, K1VIK is in a dispute with neighbors over 2 towers he wants built (40 and 33 feet respectively) and is claiming his knowledge of ham radio and the need for antennas trumps that of the city planning staff and wants an engineering study performed. Casa Grande ordinance states that towers cannot exceed the height of the roof of the main structure on the property, which in this case is 16 feet.

    68 residents signed a petition to have construction of the tower blocked.

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