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Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Resolutions: The final tally!

So how did I do on my previous year's resolutions?

Here's the scorecard:

  • I resolve to get Lauren an HT - Check - I bought a Yaesu FT-50R from a friend of mine for her about 3 months ago. That is one complicating radio! I may have to give her my Wouxun in order for her to use it without her head exploding.
  • I resolve that Amber will at least study to get her license, with Jes, Lauren and I helping. Hopefully it's before the Question Pool change on July 1. - Fail - As much as we tried to get Amber involved, time was not on our side, and the Question pool change back in July made the book I got for Lauren officially null and void. But we're not pressuring her to get her license.
  • I resolve to re-install a mobile in the minivan. - Moot - Our minivan's transmission died late in the summer and forced us to get a new vehicle, and Jes got an 09 Pontiac Vibe. I'll work on getting a mobile installed but it's a smaller vehicle and we'd need a small radio.
  • I resolve to talk with Lauren on the radio at least once/week on the way home from work. - Fail - Quite simply, a lot of things just didn't go her way or mine. I shoulder the blame for this, but sometimes getting her to talk on the radio is a chore in itself.
  • I resolve that I'll get Lauren and Jes on 10 meters (if the band will ever open up!). - Fail - 10 meters is just now starting to warm up, and so hopefully this will come to fruition in 2011.
  • I resolve to get a dipole antenna and string it up and get back on 40/80 meters. - Check - It needs a little work, but I am back on the low bands.
  • I resolve to contact at least 20 countries on HF. - Fail - Not much time spent on the low bands, but I did notch a couple of countries.
So the record is 2-4-1 for 2010. What are my resolutions for 2011? Not to make any more! Just go out and have fun, and whatever happens, happens.

And about losing 30 pounds...don't ask...

Happy New Year, everyone!

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