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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's resolutions

As New Year's approaches, I've often shied away from any New Year's resolutions since 7th grade. In fact, the last resolution I made was in 7th grade to not make any more of these things. And up to this point, it's been a resolution well-kept.

However, with Lauren now licensed (and newly granted vanity assigned) and my other daughter Amber more interested since her big sister got her ticket, I've decided to make a few resolutions, and then check them to see if I kept them at the end of 2010 (by the way, is it pronounced "Twenty-Ten" or "Two-Thousand Ten"?).
  1. I resolve to get Lauren an HT*.
  2. I resolve that Amber will at least study to get her license, with Jes, Lauren and I helping. Hopefully it's before the Question Pool change on July 1.
  3. I resolve to re-install a mobile in the minivan.
  4. I resolve to talk with Lauren on the radio at least once/week on the way home from work*.
  5. I resolve that I'll get Lauren and Jes on 10 meters (if the band will ever open up!)*.
  6. I resolve to get a dipole antenna and string it up and get back on 40/80 meters.
  7. I resolve to contact at least 20 countries on HF.
Now, let's see if these are attainable this year...

Oh, and I'll lose 30 pounds....

* It seems Lauren decided to see if she could fly and jumped out a window at a friends house on New Year's Eve. She's fine, but grounded for a month. So some of these will not take effect until February...

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