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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Daughter's learning to be a ham

Just a quick update that Lauren is still interested in learning amateur radio. She's got school and girl scouts and that takes up time. This weekend was especially hectic, and I'm sure next weekend will be just as crazy.

But the stuff we've covered so far she has done very well on. I gave her a sample exam and the first 10 questions she answered perfect. After the 10th question was material we haven't covered yet, but we're getting there.

As for all the other ham radio stuff, I have not been able to get on the air to do anything lately. I've done some "birdwatching" but winter makes opportunities fewer due to the fact the northern hemisphere is in more darkness. I saw the ISS last Thursday but it went into darkness as it was rising over the horizon. It was amazing to watch as it went right alongside Venus and Jupiter, and it was during a spacewalk, so in reality, I saw 4 satellites at the same time. Endeavour, the ISS, and two astronauts.

Before I go, I am wondering when the US hams will get 500 kHz to use? Canada just got them, and only a few US hams are "experimenting" in conjunction with the ARRL. Although I don't have 500 kHz equipment, I think it would be a great excuse to look for new equipment.

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