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Monday, September 8, 2008

Way off-topic...Coke hired some lousy photoshoppers

So I was browsing the Coke Rewards site while on lunch today, and was somewhat taken aback by what appeared to be a really weak photoshop job by the Coca-Cola folks of pasting gymnast Shawn Johnson's head over someone else's in a shot showing "Olympians" with Coke gear.

The first image, which I screen captured (full size when you click on it) is edited to show the "original" and the blown up portion to the right. Skin texture, facial structure, hairstyle, and the fact America's newest sweetheart of the gymnastics world (Mary Lou who?) wouldn't be caught dead wearing that type of outfit all point to weak shop-fu for the Coke conglomerate. Plus, I don't think Shawn's neck is all that giraffe-like...

Other than that, it's pretty good.

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