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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Making up for lost time...sometime

Came back from San Diego a couple weeks back but haven't had much to do with ham radio other than updating the TWIAR web site, and even then I didn't do it right. Came home from Dollywood and George had a message on my machine about the web site not updated. I had the pages updated but forgot to upload them to the site. Short story but the passwords to the pages got corrupted and I got sidetracked working to reset them and forgot to upload the new pages.

As for San Diego, I can't figure it, I was able to hit a couple of repeaters but unfortunately no one wanted to talk. I did the simple "K4HSM listening", then tried "K4HSM stroke 6 listening", then even tried "K4HSM stroke 6 listening for anyone on repeater". Nothing.

I tried daytime and nighttime, and couldn't get anyone to even key up to tell em to "get off the damned repeater" or that I was "doing it wrong", whatever.

I did hear a couple of QSO's but I wasn't able to jump into the conversation at that moment. I suppose if I head back out to San Diego (doubtful at this time) I'll need to bring a mobile and power supply to hook up from the hotel room.

As for the home station, all radios are still unplugged (I did this when I left the first time, just in case a thunderstorm tried something while I was away) and I haven't had any urge to get on the air and talk to anyone. Just another lull I'm going through I suppose, but hopefully when the Tennessee QSO party revs up I'll get the bug back. It tends to bring the excitement back in, much the same as Field Day or a balloon launch.

Look for me to be on the air on 20 and 40 voice. The frequencies they recommend are 7240 and 14280, so I'll probably be in that vicinity.

Follow me on Twitter as I attempt to update where I am on that feed.

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