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Monday, June 2, 2008

Let the fun begin

Well, I'll take a shot at blogging for TWIAR (if George will allow it) and see how this goes.

Some things I want to accomplish with this:
  • Discuss topics covered in the current week's version
  • Discuss topics TWIAR may have missed
  • Discuss issues and activities I'm involved with (ballooning, contesting, SKYWARN, etc.)
  • Discuss my ham radio life, what there is of it
  • Occasionally discuss off-radio subjects as I see fit
I'll get started later in the week as I get the blog page tweaked the way I want it.

A little bit about me:
That's all for now. I also have a twitter page (though I don't actively use it except once/week) in case you're interested.

Thanks for stopping by.

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